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Well, it's that time again, Hyde, myself, and a few others are off back to our seasonal jobs.

It was a Really good year for gaming, tonnes of stuff to do, and our clan was all over the place! From Never Winter Nights, to Warframe, No Mans Sky, and a few others!

We had tonnes of fun playing Onigiri with Fordowesme, TChilly, UpInSmoke and Charles. They continued on to Neverwinter Nights. 
SmashAGiant was just DESTROYING! everybody in basically every sports game for PS4.I Have yet to get his stats for the year, but when i do i'll make sure to post them (PROUD OF YOU!)

Fernando353 was killing YouTube with 5k follower for his crew playing all types of titles! Amazing as always fernando! you're awesome! you can check out his youtube channel here:

Azforlife623, DaemonHyde, myself, Mes, Scandale, KillYouFastH8tr, and DMC started on Warframe. 

Scandale, AzForLife623, Meselak, and myself have been playing No Mans Sky lately and have been broadcasting our conversations and game play on YouTube. Not overly exciting but the conversation can get pretty hilarious at times! 

We will probably continue to do so during the work season, however not as often as we'd like. AzForLife623 will probably continue while we are working.

Anyway thanks for tuning in and hanging out during this season, thanks to all the new recruits, we'll be seeing you time to time through the work season. I will be posting the 2015-16 video as soon as i can edit it. Send those videos is you have them.


-Peredur "Pear Head" Ifans

First off thanks for stopping by my blog, I know sometimes I can be wordy and long winded.

Fragninja is going through a lot of changes, recently went from a destiny focused website to a more broad spectrum of video gaming in general. 

All of us here at fragninja have been long time gamers, hardcore dedicated type that play for hours on end. I would even venture a few of us would easily be able to go pro (SmashAgiant,ben_traffick, and fernando).  I figured it was time to broaden our network to include people who play all types of games.

Like E3 with we have decided to broaden our horizons and become a little more ambitious: 

We recently added polls, so we could generate a more interactive experience between users as well as ourselves, incorporated video conferencing(desktop site only), and we are steadily working on a mobile application to suite our needs. This is just the beginning.

There is a lot more tome come in the next little while, think of these changes like our very own Expansion pack, only we won't be charging you $20 for emotes....

The next version of the site is already in the works.... and will include a lot more functions.

But I won't call the next version of the site a site, more like a Nexus....

See you in the Network my friends.... 


After reconstituting my head after it has exploded due to the amount of absolutely amazing stuff coming out of sony for the ps4 I have decided to write a blog post.

I know it's a bit late coming because I have been on night shift at my day job but here is a breakdown of what I think about the biggest and Best.

Right Off the hop we are greeted by a Game called The Last Guardian. It's a pretty game with wicked looking play cinematics. Absolutely stunning. For those of you who like 3rd person tombraider/soul reaver like play this game would be for you. It looks to offer some pretty in-depth story telling through visuals, while not much was explained in during the conference; it did however lend it self to the arts side of video games.

Next up was a rather gritty looking futuristic post apocalyptic man versus machine monster hunter looking title called Horizon: Zero Dawn. Game play looks akin to monster hunter (for those of you familiar with that series from capcom). The story looks compelling and the games play looks absolutely EPIC! A third person shooter adventure where one hunts and destroys rather monster-like machines both big and small. One stand out feature during games play was the ability to pick up various bits that fell of these machines and use them as weapons!  More then likely a title I will pick up once I get my hands on a PS4.

HITMAN! I haven't played hitman, nope not one. Not that I am uninterested I just never got a copy in my grubby hands to try. However I did watch my cousin Skurge_Uv_Man play it and I must say this new is heads above visually to make him turn his attention to it.

F&*K YEAH STREET FIGHTER!!!! thats right! I am a huge street fighter fan. Have been since the ARCADE was a thing. The visuals displayed on that screen were beyond stunning, and the fight between Cammy and Bison was EPIC beyond awesome. Again probably a title I WILL be picking up. Visuals looked amazing, Lets hope the game play delivers. Fighters as a genre have been failing for sometime with one exception... street fighter.

Destiny: The Taken King! OMG A hunter with a bow, A war lock shooting magic out of his hands, and a titan wielding a huge friggin hammer! I WANT MY HAMMER! I can't wait for this DLC. Hints of a new raid, and of course that new third class. New weapons and stuff! Oh hellz yes! toss me a copy of that bungie!

World of Final Fantasy, I don't know what to say about this one. I am a huge HUGE fan of Final Fantasy's earlier works. In fact I purchased Final Fantasy 1 for the NES. I played it to death! I played it to death across multiple platforms. I can say the same for Final Fantasy 4(2 North America) and Final Fantasy 6( 3 North america and My favourite of the franchise) and FF7. However I am not so impressed by this title, i guess i'll have to wait till I play it.

BLACK OPS 3!!!!!! At first i was a little apprehensive about this release. scared they would destroy something that I have loved to play in the past. After looking at both the story mode and online play... all i can say is has cool machines, and the vs mode plays like a hardcore version of destiny! F&*K YEAH I'LL TAKE IT! Running on walls, the plethora or guns, special abilities, I looks like it is not going to disappoint! However if you're not into the special enhancements, or haven't played destiny this might be a bit painful for those who don't like change. However for those of you who don't like change, trust me! It's going to be worth it!

I am going to skip over the disney star wars stuff, only because it's been done to death. and most of us already know what to expect.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake! Ok you can get mad ay square for regurgitating the same old games over and over. But you'll still buy them. THIS HOWEVER IS WAY MORE THEN ANYTHING THEY HAVE EVER RELEASED. Quite Possibly the most recognized FF in the whole series is getting a facelift, being modernized, and released! This was the first game I ever bought for my playstation 1, i got it the year it came out 2 months after it's initial release... i have been playing it over and over since that day and I WILL be playing it again and dishing out whatever they ask to buy it this time around! HELLZ YEAH!

Finally the most visually appealing 3rd person hardcore game I've ever seen... the new uncharted... I have yet to play ANY of the uncharted series, not real interest. Until i saw this. HOLY MOTHER OF F&*K! It's stunning to watch, you're thrown into the action almost instantaneously, it's non-stop "holy shit" through the entire show case. WOW! Stunning! Absolutely Stunning! Fast paced, it makes you WANT to play it. I will be picking this game up as soon as I can!

 This years Sony Press conference did not disappoint! If you do not have a PS4 Yet i really really suggest you get one. I will be! The line up is impressive! Sony, and the developers of these games have out done themselves and raised the bar pretty high. I look forward to the rest of this year and most of the next. Thanks Sony!



For those of you who actually get useful weapons, this probably isn't for you. For those of you like myself I am sure you'll appreciate this.

A little Back ground

I play destiny enough, 3 - 4 times a week. I've ran Crota a dozens times, the vault of glass many times with limited success. I have all the Crota armour, and basically nothing from the vault of glass.

Now normally I don't complain, I mean I like the grind, it's a fun game, the game controls are fantastic, the levels are fantastic, and the story.... the story needs work.

Anyway i spent the better part of the night doing the daily, weekly, and weekly night fall, as per usual grinding away hoping i'll get a decent drop.... All knowing full well this is not going to happen. It's actually became a running joke.... "Oh GREAT ascendant <insert some upgrade material here I have 100's of>. 

Insult to Injury

We completed Crota on normal because it was 1:00am and we were to tired to run through hard, we were all playing like crap. So we get out of hard more and start normal from the start only took 20 mins, probably less. I run to the chest open it crossing my fingers hoping beyond all hope I am going to get something awesome. I hold square the anticipation grows and POOF "ascendant shard!" i yell "YES! Guess what I got?!" and since it's me my cousin, cohort and friend FordOwesMe says "Ascendant shards!"  to which i reply "YOU Guess it! How did you know Thanks Bungie and F*&K YOU!".

We continue on our trek we seriously slap the smile of Crotas face in what has to be almost a record, the rewards start to roll it and I see weapon appear I am like "YES! FINALLY!" I go to my inventory to see what I GOT...  and what do you think it was ANOTHER Light of the abyss, something i already have and don't need! 

In closing:

Why thank you bungie, thanks for all the ascendant materials, all the ascendant shards, the motes of light and strange coins, thanks for all the ABSOLUTE GARBAGE I can't use, while you're at it why not give me yet another blue or green engram. You know because need more stacks upon stacks upon stacks upon stacks of weapons parts and plate steel. The second light of the abyss I got I Immediately broke down, what did I get? ascendant shards and weapons parts... but thats not all i also got a huge heaping helping of frustration, annoyance, and intense dislike, i went on a tirade for about 10 minutes to fordowesme dismay which ended with: "Dude if this keeps up I think i am going to throw in the towel on this game, all i have to say is Thanks bungie, F^&k your hat, F&* your face, F&*k your mom, and f^&k you!"

OK, i am the first to admit I truly SUCK at the crucible, I don't pretend to be good an I avoid it like the plague. In short i loath the crucible. IN fact i find it as enjoyable as getting kicked in the sack, having a tooth pulled or get shot in the face several times with a staple gun.

I just spent the better part of 2 hours getting a grand total of 146 points only to have one really terrible round(not that any of my rounds are good) knock me all the way back down to 132... yeah, fun isn't it, all the while screaming bloody murder at the people who are actually good at the crucible(not your fault sorry for the profanity). 

To the guy who thought forcing players into the crucible was a good idea:

Sorry lad but I personally think you should get your head checked to see if you have a nasty case of The brain-rabies, or perhaps your lapse of judgement was caused by an brain aneurysm, or some sort of momentary form of palsy.

Since I only really enjoy using hand cannons and my luck is beyond terrible my only hope of getting a decent hand cannon has been this thorn bounty... which in fact has been more of a PAIN IN THE ASS then it's worth... 

In short... forcing people into the crucible is a stupid idea in my opinion, and I am about to throw in the towel on this bounty.

Thanks for all the ascendant shards, ascendant material, and polyphage that I have been getting from all these "exotic chests" they have been about as useful as the breasts on a bore.

Please be informed that every time I get an exotic chest whith nothing in it or die on the crucible the middle finger i am pointing is directed solely at the moron who thought it was a good idea to force people into the crucible to get a useful weapon.

And to those who are good at the crucible well done lads it's a difficult task. kudos and good luck.