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Well, it's that time again, Hyde, myself, and a few others are off back to our seasonal jobs.

It was a Really good year for gaming, tonnes of stuff to do, and our clan was all over the place! From Never Winter Nights, to Warframe, No Mans Sky, and a few others!

We had tonnes of fun playing Onigiri with Fordowesme, TChilly, UpInSmoke and Charles. They continued on to Neverwinter Nights. 
SmashAGiant was just DESTROYING! everybody in basically every sports game for PS4.I Have yet to get his stats for the year, but when i do i'll make sure to post them (PROUD OF YOU!)

Fernando353 was killing YouTube with 5k follower for his crew playing all types of titles! Amazing as always fernando! you're awesome! you can check out his youtube channel here:

Azforlife623, DaemonHyde, myself, Mes, Scandale, KillYouFastH8tr, and DMC started on Warframe. 

Scandale, AzForLife623, Meselak, and myself have been playing No Mans Sky lately and have been broadcasting our conversations and game play on YouTube. Not overly exciting but the conversation can get pretty hilarious at times! 

We will probably continue to do so during the work season, however not as often as we'd like. AzForLife623 will probably continue while we are working.

Anyway thanks for tuning in and hanging out during this season, thanks to all the new recruits, we'll be seeing you time to time through the work season. I will be posting the 2015-16 video as soon as i can edit it. Send those videos is you have them.


-Peredur "Pear Head" Ifans

First off thanks for stopping by my blog, I know sometimes I can be wordy and long winded.

Fragninja is going through a lot of changes, recently went from a destiny focused website to a more broad spectrum of video gaming in general. 

All of us here at fragninja have been long time gamers, hardcore dedicated type that play for hours on end. I would even venture a few of us would easily be able to go pro (SmashAgiant,ben_traffick, and fernando).  I figured it was time to broaden our network to include people who play all types of games.

Like E3 with we have decided to broaden our horizons and become a little more ambitious: 

We recently added polls, so we could generate a more interactive experience between users as well as ourselves, incorporated video conferencing(desktop site only), and we are steadily working on a mobile application to suite our needs. This is just the beginning.

There is a lot more tome come in the next little while, think of these changes like our very own Expansion pack, only we won't be charging you $20 for emotes....

The next version of the site is already in the works.... and will include a lot more functions.

But I won't call the next version of the site a site, more like a Nexus....

See you in the Network my friends....