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In battlefield: bad company 2 (rush game mode), the game just started and I straight away hopped on the guided rocket turret thing. The enemy was in a chopper and movin pretty fast. So I shot a rocket, and looked up at the sky. I then saw a hit marker, then 6 names pop up in the kill feed. Sadly, we some how lost that game. A couple things happened in Battlefield 3. So, one time, on an armored kill DLC map, I decided to be a bit stealthy, so I start crawling through the green fields. I've been crawling for 2 minutes, maybe 5, and out of nowhere a jeep DRIVES over me... It was an enemy jeep!! Some how I didn't die and I hopped up and started shooting the freakin guy, to get a vehicle. So I killed him, but once I got close to the vehicle, it blew up! Another thing that happened, it was in the same game, 10 minutes after being stealthy, I jumped on top of a tank, placed a LOT of explosives, got into the tank, and drove off. I was driving for a bit, when I realized, a enemy was chasing me, with a repair tool. So I start driving in circles, and this chase was going on for so long that I hopped out to kill him. But then he... He got control of the tank, at this point the roles were switched. After 5 minutes passed, I walked away and detonated the explosives. In a different server, I was flying around in a jet, and my friends were trying to get jets too, but this freakin chopper kept blowing up the jets as they spawn. I flew over the area where the chopper and my friends were and I flew around, started shooting the chopper with rockets, basically everything I could shoot at it, but it kept dodging every shot I shot at it. So I had only one final option that I could think of. So I went pretty far from the chopper, turned around, went full speed, targeted the chopper, and kamakazed it. My friends reactions were funny when they saw it happened. But one thing in Battlefield 4 that happened (even though I did a lot of amazing things in battlefield 3 & 4 (also with friends (like launching EOD bots and driving jeeps off cliffs)) was on the map Silk Road, I was in a tank, on a sand hill, and I saw a chopper way on the other side of the map. I guessed where it was going, shot, watched that little light get farther away from me and closer to the chopper, I was saying to myself that I was definitely not going to get across map chopper kill with a tank. But then in the distance I saw the light disappear into an explosion, then getting a six-kill kill feed. I was speechless xD