Past events

Sparrow Racing League
-Do some racing -Complete some quests/bounties -Have fun -How about a fragninja sparrow racing to...
Dmc_kamakaze Dec 11 '15
Fragninja stream anybody?
I'll try to get on around 8/7 central time. Maybe Play some destiny, Call of Duty multiplayer/zombie...
Dmc_kamakaze Nov 20 '15, 19:00
Raid party
I want to do a raid at 9pm cst or 10 pm cst  Why it's late so peredur az and I have family's s...
Kahoskiller89 Nov 7 '15, 09:00
Are you going to be playing Friday????
whos playing i wana see if we could get the whole crew together
fernando353 Oct 30 '15
Skolas, level 35 prison of elders
...dots........ A fully upgraded gjally is recommended
Dmc_kamakaze Aug 28 '15, 19:00
Looking to beat the prison of elders any takers
azforlife623 Jul 23 '15
Weekly Nightfall
Anyone wanna do Da nightfall with me. we can do all the characters you have
fernando353 Jul 8 '15, 19:00
Weekly night fall with kamakaze
Doing the weekly night fall with dmc_kamakaze. If you're online and ready to go we'll do it up. I sh...
Peredur_Ifans Feb 27 '15
Crotas End Hard Mode
Crota's End Hard Mode Raid! "Daddies got a sweet tooth tonight!" Hoping to get this done tonight i...
Peredur_Ifans Jan 31 '15, 00:00
Weekly Nightfall
Fernando wants to do the weekly nightfall on friday, if you wanna feel free to attend
Peredur_Ifans Jan 24 '15, 18:00
Vault of glass
Vault of glass bitches
Peredur_Ifans Jan 24 '15
It's Game Time
I am hoping to get online at around 9:30 till about 11:30 tonight. If you are around, i'll probably...
Peredur_Ifans Jan 20 '15, 21:30
Iron Banner
Hoping to be playing the Iron banner
Peredur_Ifans Jan 17 '15, 19:00