The "different" versions of destiny... We got the "Activion" version from Dmc_kamakaze's blog

You know, I just realized, we got the "activision" destiny... Before destiny was released, we saw gameplay of a lot of different things such as seeing your friends ship fly in and drop them off at a destination like patrolling the cosmodrome for example. You know the wall that's at the Divide on earth, in one of the game plays, you were able to go on top of it, climb over it. In one of the versions, they said that when you are in patrol, and a crucible match is happening, you can jump in and join that match if there's an open spot. this is in the version where we didn't have any invisible walls blocking us, probably the only time there would be an invisible wall preventing you to join that match is (I'm guessing) when the lobby/match is full. Another thing is the emote... That (legendary) slow clap emote that you now have to pay for in the destiny we got, would probably have been given to us in the version they showed that in. also in one of the reveal trailers, it shows a patrol area that's on earth, that we didn't get. The area looked like it was in a forest with paths and buildings, that looked all torn and fallen apart. The building looked like it was a watch tower, a windmill, or a light house, tower, it was some kind of tower with a spiral staircase. We were going to be able to patrol many locations (the 4 planets we got plus Saturns ring (for TTK)) For locations on Earth: old swamps of Chicago (taken out of the final release of the game), Mumbai push, eastern flood zone (you can go there but it's only in a crucible map), and European dead zone (another area only accessed in the crucible). Locations on Venus: Maat mons (area only accessed in the crucible), trial of kabr is accessible during the vault of glass raid, but is only a little area that you pass through, I hope we go to that area again, through a different pathway, actually showing a BIG area instead of a tiny piece of it. Locations on Mercury: mostly accessible by doing the crucible and getting a flawless on a trials passage. Locations on Saturn: Dreadnaught (got that but as DLC), I think we could have actually patrolled Saturn, before the discription for Saturn was saying that there were ships from the golden age were floating around in the rings of Saturn, I'm guessing that those ships were replaced by the dreadnaught. Locations for Mars's moon, Phobos: accessed in some story missions, but as DLC. Can also be accessed through the crucible (free). Jupiter was going to be a place to explore, to patrol. And then finally, Europa, a moon orbiting around Jupiter, could have also been a patrol area. Though, no sources say that they have been removed from, or didn't make it, to the final game, like old Chicago (which I'm kind of sad about that one). So that saying, maybe like how they did with Phobos and Saturn, they could be released as DLC. aka activisions version of destiny. But there is word that people who buy silver (micro transactions) will help make future DLC free to everybody. Or maybe this is another way to trick people in spending money then having to pay for the DLC in the future. It could be true or it could be a trick, I don't know, I'm hoping that it's true and we get free DLC (FREE DLC) in the future. Also, I should have probably put this near the top, what I mean by "Activisions" version of destiny is that they took content, put it as DLC, gave us a game that has loads of bugs and glitches and unbalanced weapons, barely any story/activities in the game (had to buy the DLC to get a better story, more activities to do). I do like the game, just I remembered that destiny was supposed to be a BIG open world kind of game, and then we just got probably 1/5th maybe like 1/6th of the game (vanilla destiny - not including DLC)

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The Wall

Oct 30 '15
yeah, activision wants quick releases.... and shot themselves in the foot.
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