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admin Mar 18 '15

Hey all, 

Beginning work on an Android app! But before I start throwing something together I would like some of your ideas. 

What would you like the APP to have to start?

So far I am going to build "push notifications" for newsfeed. I figure this is a good place to start since the website only uses email at the moment.

I created a this post here you can place these ideas. Some ideas I have are:

- integrated mobile messaging 

- reading news feeds.

thats just to start.

Please feel free to post here that way I have one place to look for all your ideas and suggestions.

As always thanks.


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azforlife623 May 12 '15
able to send pics and possibly video also maybe including an option for sharing to facebook twitter and so on i and aslo if able to have a section for zello keep in mind just throwing out ideas if they work they do if un able to its also fine hope everybody here at frag ninja has a good day and great gaming 


azforlife623 May 12 '15
also maybe to be able to see when some one is online if possible

Peredur_Ifans May 12 '15
The "Is online" will work, chatting and sending images should work, video is a possibility, sharing to facebook or twitter can be done eventually. I can make that happen on the website easy enough if it's a feature you'd like.

Kahoskiller89 Sep 4 '15
Be able to post videos that we personally shot not tru embedded code system things
Peredur_Ifans Dec 2 '16
Working on implementing video posting and viewing via native Android support. 
MasterXShamus Apr 20
So how is the Video stream capabilities for the website coming along