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In black ops 1, I was playing array (I think that's the name), the map that has the carriage thing hanging, you have to jump to it to get to the spot, well, anyways I was playing demolition on that map. The round was coming to an end, and I ran to the last bomb site, thinking someone is probably planting since my team is getting slaughtered inside the building. So I was at the top of the hill walking outside, threw a grenade over the big rock (that is on your right when coming out of the little building) and it was just a random throw. That random grenade ended the round, AND it was the final kill cam. So what happened was, I threw it over the rock, bounced off the tower, bounced off the bomb, rolled on the ground and blew up. There were, I think, two guys and a sentry turret. It was probably one guy and a sentry. But anyways, after the grenade blew up, I got points saying I destroyed a sentry, killed an enemy, and defended the bomb. I was speechless, jaw dropped to the floor xD. I did put it as a highlight in theater mode, but when I tried to find it recently, it wasn't there. I might have missed it or something, I'll probably put a comment below if I found it or not. Another moment was with a Semtex. It was on the same map, same game mode, but different lobby. I still do have this video in theater mode, but anyways, what happened was I was running down the middle part of the map but more near our spawn (the one near the heli pad), and I threw a random Semtex, which went through some polls/bars-thing, it stuck to the wall very close to the bomb. As I did that, the announcer voice guy said that there was an enemy rc-xd near me. Well, my Semtex exploded and it said I killed two enemies and defended the bomb, and destroyed an rc-xd. That Semtex stuck to the wall on the outside, killed ONE guy on the outside and it also killed a guy on the INSIDE. It killed the guy with the rc-xd, that guy probably thought he was safe hiding in a corner.

In modern warfare 3, I'm just gonna talk about a few moments, but I do have these saved in theater mode. I forgot what game mode I was playing, but it was on the map Dome, and I had a javalin. So I was near all of the jeeps, and I took out my javalin, locked on to the dome, because there were a few guys killing everybody over there, and I fired the rocket. It did its little hop out of the cannon, and shot up, stopped, and came back down. Since the dome was mostly covered, I thought about it and thought it wasn't gonna kill anybody. And I was right... Just kidding :p the Dome has holes in its dome/cover, so the javalin somehow went through the holes and I killed the guy(s) that were on the inside. On the map Terminal, I was at the back of the map, near the planes... Near the tanker. So I took out my trusty javalin pal, locked on to the hall way, and fired. I don't actually remember if I did get a kill or not:p. I was with my friend, playing infected, on the same map (terminal). My friend was on the planes wing, and I was on top of the building near the tank (gas tank, not a military tank). I got infected, and I threw a couple throwing knifes at him, both missed. So I jumped down from the building and a survivor was running, right under me. He didn't know I was falling above him xD. So once I was in range, I jabbed my knife and got him. I basically assassinated him (assassins creed style).

Black ops 2, only going to say a few also, most are in theater mode, praise to theater mode xD. So I was playing nuketown 2025, game mode was domination (try to capture flags A, B, and C). Flag B was very heavy with friendly's and enemies. So I spawned back in was at the house with the shuffle board (I think that's what it's called) and I threw a random grenade over the garage, hoping it gets to B. It explodes and I got two enemies with it. Ran over to B to try to get it. Got killed and spawned back in, same area. So I did another random grenade over the house and I got another kill. So... There was this one time though (this moment is not in theater mode). I joined a lobby, got a few more people in, I didn't feel like muting anybody, didn't feel like wearing my headset, and the game starts. Game mode was Hardpoint, the map was nuketown 2025. So I was mostly staying in the Hardpoint zone, getting some kills here and there. Wasn't doin real good, kept dying a lot. At the end, we won... But because I died so much, a guy on the enemy team (was probably very salty (salty means: to be very angry/upset/aggressive; does not really mean to be complaining a lot)) but anyways, this guy kept saying,"oh, you guys didn't win, you lost, you lost!" A guy on our team said how did we lose if it says we beat you? They were arguing back and forth and the guy (who was on the enemy team) "explained" why we "lost", "you guys lost" he said, " look at D-mc, he got more deaths then kills, he's at the bottom of the leaderboard, you guys lost..." Now I forgot what the guy from our team said but he was awesome (good guy he was :D) so I was thinking of getting off because it was like 2 or 3 in the morning. But hearing that guy keep saying it was my fault that we "lost", I stayed. That guy was on the enemy team (yay) and we were on nuketown again. At the end we won (again) and I didn't focus on the objective as much this time, and I was at the top of the leaderboard. I think that guy left after xD

Ghosts, sadly this game did not have theater mode, but I'll just talk about one amazing game and one game where I was a one man army. So the map we were on was a desert like map, a building in the middle, a little bunker/tunnel on the far side and a cliff on the other far side of the map. Game mode was like hunted... Hunter... Scavenger... Something like that, they removed that game mode for some reason, it was such a fun game mode. So the game mode, is I guess similar to Scavenger (from battlefield 3). In this mode, you start off with the weapons that are givin to you by the class you chose, then you go around trying to find stronger or better weapons from care packages, and kill enemies (of course). You also get throwing knifes. The match was coming to an end two more kills- now one more kill to end it. I threw a RANDOM throwing knife. ACROSS the MAP. And I got some one. Jaw dropped xD. And it was the final kill cam. Poor guy ran one way, TURNED around, started to run the other way, but got hit with that knife. The knife was thrown over the building, and across the map a bit, and killed that guy. The guy was behind a jeep btw... ... ... So there was this match I was in. Game mode was blitz. (Blitz- in this mode, you have two goals/portals, one enemy and one friendly. Your goal is to try to score in the enemy portal which you'll get a point for your team and you'll be teleported back to your spawn). Well, the game started, the map we were on is the one with the hanging bus. So we were doing pretty good, our team scored two times. Then the enemy team, started camping. A few guys camped at their portal, THE others were spawn camping us. About everybody on my team rage quit. Couldn't blame em. So it was me and this other guy left, we didn't have any Mics on, so communicating was going to be a bit hard to do. We could barely move as we spawned in. Now you're probably thinking, "you'll be home free once they run out of ammo". I thought that too but I got into a part of the building, they thought I died and they were waiting, then my team mate spawned in and *BLAM* ~dead~ I watched the guy that shot him got up, ran over, then went back to his camping, and I then realized they all have scavenger... Then after 45 deaths my team mate left and I was the only one on the team... I was a one man army... Some how, 20 deaths later, I snuck past them and scored. Did that a couple times, I really did not want to give up at the time. THEN I saw the score, I don't remember what it was like. it was 5 to 41 (giving you an example of how much they were crushing me)... I also noticed that I was able to score a few more because nobody was there to defend their portal. Well the reason was, once I scored, I went back to spawn, got killed by one of them, and I watched the kill cam to see what they were doing. One or two guys jumped into my portal, scored for them, while the others stay and shot those who spawned in. At that point, there was really no reason to keep playing, if they're just going to keep playing unfairly... so I quit.