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So this week in destiny has had everyone playing crucible between ironbanner(IB) or Trials Of Osiris(Trials) or just regular crucible and paying off bounties.So I've been playing IB and Trials which is all level advantage PvP and in Trials I did fine I went flawless four times and got pretty awful loot on it which is no surprise. Actually I had great connection on it.But then I went IB which was opposit,I played in fire teams of 6 most of the time and was win/losing every game. The thing is we were all level 33/34 playing against a field of players usually 30/31/32/33/34 and sometimes lower, AND WE WOULD GET RECKED BY LOWER LEVELS!!! Usually this is no problem but iron banner is level advantages ON. This is rediculous!Then there's hand cannons they're ok,well balanced except the thorn.The thorn is 1/2 shots kill if you use the extra burn when my Last Word is 3/4 with a head shot.Now why is a Thorn as strong as a shotgun HUH!?!Bogus!Other than that IB is fine and I recommend others to play it for some great loot.If you've been having the same problems or anything at all just message me or comment on the blog
SmashAGiant Jun 7 '15 · Rate: 3.50 · Comments: 1 · Tags: fix iron banner